Sacramento Mall Overrun By Jimmer Mania Hooligans! [Photos]

The “Jimmer Fredette is kinda like Tim Tebow” train rolled into Sacramento this weekend with the introduction of the franchise draft picks at the Arden Fair Mall. Yes, a mall. With that crappy high school stage bunting. Yes, with a cheesy intro DJ. And lots of bored Sacramento fans ready to jump on the back of a 6-2 gunner from BYU. This is what basketball has become in Sac Town. Catch the fever with a mall full of Jimmer fans.

The fans were full of cliched signs and dreams of RTs.

@jimmerfredette Have a safe flight my man! “In Jimmer We Trust” Can the Biggest Kings/Jimmer Fan with that sign from the mall get a RT!

That would be the same guy with the “New King James,” poster. Just for that, no RT.

And another local who has caught the fever.

Back from the mall! Rally was good. I felt bad for Thomas and Honeycutt because everyone just wanted Jimmer! Lol

Guys, listen, this guy isn’t like your buddy Roy who can light up a high school gymnasium. He really is a first-round draft pick who will be getting his shots stuffed from Kevin Durant. He’s really a guy who’ll be benched quickly after 4-for-18 performances. Enjoy your little mall rallies now because this isn’t Tebow. He was a publicity move by your owner. Face it, you’ll be burning his jersey in approximately 5.5 months.

Stop it, Sacramento. Don’t even let us catch you wearing Jimmer Time shirts.

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