Rumor: ESPN Hiring Charissa Thompson [Photos]

Erin Andrews can kiss the title of hottest chick working for EPSN goodbye.

The leader had signed former Fox Sports sideline reporter Charissa Thompson to a deal that includes her own show on ESPN2. Thompson will host Numbers Never Lie, a daily half-hour show featuring an expert and a player debating the day’s stories from a statistical perspective and making predictions, which will almost assuredly never come true.

From the ESPN press release:

Numbers Never Lie melds news stories — both serious and light — and fantasy sports to debate a variety of topics and make predictions. The host, joined by a former player and an expert, will weigh in on everything from the ten most overrated players to the number of strikeouts a pitcher will get that night. During each show the trio will analyze and make picks in the Streak for the Cash game to provide insight into the night’s most compelling match-ups.

The show, which will air at 3 p.m. ET, is somewhat patterned after ESPN2’s SportsNation, which features another hot blond, Michelle Beadle, and blowhard Colin Cowherd debating the day’s stories from a fan perspective.

Thompson, who’s 29, has covered the NFL, college football, college basketball, Major League Baseball, the World Cup and the NHL for such outlets as Fox, the Big Ten Network, Versus and Yahoo! Sports. She also served as co-host of The Best Damn Sports Show Period.

Unfortunately, her Twitter account isn’t terribly exciting.

Maybe put some nude pics up there and pretend you were hacked or something.

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