Roethlisberger Wedding Registry $5,000 Still To Buy; BC Splurges On Napkin

It’s the summer of wedding gift registries around here. First it was our purchase of a knife sharpener for Tony Romo’s nuptials, then a $25 napkin for Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries and now a $5 Lenox napkin for Ben Roethlisberger’s wedding. The big news, right now, surrounding the Roethlisberger ceremony has to be the nearly $5,000 in gifts THAT HAVEN’T been bought for the Steelers multi-millionaire QB and his fiance Ashley Harlan.

One look at the registry shows that the great people of Steelers Nation might now realize they can actually buy a $5 napkin or $6 measuring cup and possibly get a thank you card from their hero. Take that thank you note, throw it on eBay and end up making a few bucks. Gotta use your heads, people.

We went with a napkin. One. No need to overpay for these kids.

What about a bachelor party? The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review asked him about where he’d be getting bombed.

Roethlisberger said he has not experienced any pre-wedding jitters, and when asked if he is having a bachelor party, he laughed.

“I am not,” he said. “I had one probably two weeks ago. It was 36 holes at Firestone (Country Club in Ohio). It was great.”

Do work, Internet. Any of you in Akron who might of had a run-in with Big Ben are encouraged to step forward and give us details and photos.

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