One-Armed Wounded Vet Snags Foul Ball At Yankees Game [Video]

Retired Staff Sgt. Michael Kacer went to Friday’s Yankees-Rockies game with his nephew and ended up plastered on television for his one-armed, Yankees hat foul ball catch. There have been epic foul ball catches this year such as father dropping his child, ball in the beer and the insane father one-handed catch while holding his daughter video. But Kacer’s tugged at our heart. The guy can’t go two handed cup for the catch, but instead improvises and gets this ball.

Posted: 1 hour ago.

Premise of Video: (via Fox & Friends) “At Friday night’s Yankee game, an injured war veteran made the catch of the game when snagging a foul ball with his hat in his hand. Retired Staff Sgt. Michael Kacer received a standing ovation for the grab, having done it all with one arm! Kacer was attending the game with the Achilles Freedom Team, on organization that sets up races for wounded warriors to get back on their feet after returning home. Kacer, who lost his arm in a rocket attack in Afghanistan, gave the foul ball to his nephew, Isaiah.”

Climax of Video: The crowd goes nuts as it figures out that Kacer is only working with one arm.

Conclusion: If MLB had its head on straight, Kacer would be attending the all-star game with his nephew and the two would be throwing baseballs with A-Rod. But, then again, it’s MLB we’re talking about.

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