Dick Vitale’s Hooters Pageant Weekend Was Better Than Yours! [12 Photos]

Oh, look! Dick Vitale, Wes Welker, Welker’s girlfriend Anna Burns and two blondes hoping to use Vitale as a reference to move up in the Hooters bikini calendar world. People, as BC mentioned Saturday morning, it’s Dick Vitale’s world and we’re all just witnesses to a 72-year-old machine. He was in Miami all weekend to host the Miss Hooters International 2011 and to see how many photos he could upload to his Twitpic account.

According to Dickie on Saturday night:

Wife & I r being treated like royalty by @Hooters tonight – fantastic party

And then there was Jason Whitlock jonesing for an invite in 2012.

@WhitlockJason A tough assignment – Hooters has given us over 2 mill 4 V Foundation! Having a blast

Trust us, BC currently has APBs out for “Wes Welker Hooters Pageant After Party Photos.” Updates as warranted.

[HT: Dickie V]