Shawn Marion In Miami For Hooters Pageant, Hangs With Mini Me [Photos]


From all indications it was a slow Friday night in the sports world, but we were required to show you Shawn Marion visiting the Hooters pageant in Miami. If for no other reason, just take a moment to appreciate what a 6-7 Marion looks like next to Mini Me who’s throwin’ up peace signs. Of course Dickie V was in the house because as we all know, there isn’t much that guy doesn’t like other than chicken wings, implants and a microphone.

And guess where the post-Hooters party was last night? LIV, according to Matrix!

All I gotta say is liv is off the chain had to support my boy @djirie that’s what’s up

Of course Dickie V’s ghost Twitter P.R. agent couldn’t pass up a tweet about the Hooters pageant.

Shawn Marion & Mini Me r in the house @ Fontainbleau 4 Hooters Swimsuit contest. Al McGuire wouuld say Dixie u r All Lobby! Al was so cool!

Does Dickie V really use “r in the house?” Is that possible for someone in their 70s to have that in their vocabulary?

As we said, it was a slow Friday unless Riggleman decided to go drinkin’ which would totally be within his character.

Have something we need to see from last night or a photo that needs to be seen? Email it.

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