Ines Sainz Tweets Foot Photo, Toying With Rex Ryan? [Morning Twitpics]

Late last night the one and only Ines Sainz, we suppose, nearly gave Rex Ryan a heart attack after posting this photo of her feet with this message. “Que se traen con mis zapatos? Saben lo dif q es autosacarse una foto de ls pies? Va P el q la pidio!” Remembering back to our foggy high school Spanish, that says something like, “What do you get out of my feet? It’s difficult to take photo of my feet. This is for you pervert Rex Ryan!” Or something like that (For real translation, visit our Spanish-speaking friend Sportsfeeder).

Never have understood Sexy Rexy’s fascination with feet but to each his own. Of course we’ll keep an eye out for any new videos popping up on the foot fetish message boards. Actually, that’ll be the new BC guy’s – Monty – job this weekend.


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