Chukwudiebare Maduabum & U.N. Security Council NBA Draft [Burnt Toast]

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The Greatest Tweets in the History of the Internet* (*Over The Last 24 Hours)

The Adoption of Millionaire Kids

@AlexKennedyNBA: Jewelers are making the rounds in the hotel lobby and meeting with prospects. Must be nice.

Priorities. Priorities. Priorities. I’d love to think that this is a joke, but I have zero doubt that this really happens. Jewelers, Financial Advisors, and Whores. The staples of NBA draft night lobbies.

@Marcel_Mutoni: The Sacramento Kings‘ front-office had cocaine for breakfast this morning. Well, it’s everyday, but more than usual today.

If you want me to think that two Las Vegas Casino Owners have to hit the yayo just to make Sacramento exciting…well….I’m not buying it. The Kings were rumored to be linked every trade  yesterday, which leads me to believe they found the ESPN Draft Machine link right before they sniffed the 4th line.

@HPBasketball: Just to review. Upside, motor, length, machine, “this guy,” “smart pick,” “value.” Drink to ’em all.

To hell with those words, If you wanted to get incredibly shitfaced last night, every time there was an awkward moment of silence in the ESPN draft coverage…..take a drink. If America did that, 35% of people might have made it into work this morning. It’s always tough when dealing for 4 hosts, but that was flat brutal last night

@LisaHorne: Irving said “I’m really looking forward to the NBA.” Funny, he didn’t say “to Cleveland.”

@PaulyPabst: Kyrie Irving will play more games in November than he did in college.

@Bomani_Jones: With that hat on, Kyrie Irving looks like he should be at la guardia a sign with a passenger’s name on it.

Welcome to Cleveland Kyrie. All 6 or 11 or however many games you played in college might not prepare you for that jump. While I think he has talent, I don’t see the next Derrick Rose out of him. Not physical enough…..yet.

@AndrewSiciliano: Only in the NBA draft can you hear instant analysis like this: “He cannot score…no offense at all…allegedly 18 years old.”

Sounds like outtakes from an upcoming “To Catch A Predator” episode.

@TiricoSuave: Bismack Biyombo first became interested in the NBA when he was 9 and him & all his friends were given free NY Knicks ’99 NBA Champion shirts

Funny……Yes. Racist……..Perhaps. Believeable……Likely

@FrankBlineBury: Early. Just like playoffs. RT @carmeloanthony: Goodnight. I’m out.

Love athletes on twitter. They just roll out with any tweet no matter how simple. The bigger the star, the less sense tweets make. Evidently Carmelo not the biggest fan of the Knicks draft. Doesn’t matter, he’ll say his Twitter got hacked tomorrow anyways.

@PeterBurnsRadio: #Lakers draft Chukwudiebare Maduabum at 56, who proceeded to get knocked down, but got up again.

Twitter. So easy, a Cajun can do it.

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