Tony Parker Pool Party Update: New Bikinis, Beer Bongs & Kush? [Photos]


BC is making a splash in Texas where our report on Sunday’s pool bash at Tony Parker’s house is on fire. Tipster (we’ll call him Shawn) this morning sent us a dispatch: “Hey guys, I just realized that I follow one of the “hood rats” that attended Parker’s party. It’s @misskrissyj on twitter. Go back to her tweets on the 19th and you’ll see. Apparently George Hill was there too along with Baby Bash (lame rapper). Looks like there were drugs at the party too.” 

First, let’s address this ‘drugs’ allegation. It’s not like Tony Parker can guarantee every hood rat coming to his house for a pool party will be on the up and up. Doesn’t seem like there were bouncers to check IDs, either.

Via @missykrissyj:


As for the George Hill tip, can’t seem to find anything on him being at the Parker party, although our knowledge of black dudes without their shirts isn’t the best in the sports blogosphere. What we do know, now, is that there were plenty of hoochies and dudes using beer bongs in Eva Longoria’s one-time home. Make of it what you will.

Have more tips about the Tony Parker pool party? Send ’em in. We’ll keep you anonymous.

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