South American Soccer Brawl: Fists, Flying Kicks & 1 Thrown Bottle [Video]


Brazilian team Santos and Uruguayan team Penarol last night played a match that was similar to the Super Bowl of South America. Santos won the match and it was literally seconds after the whistle was blown and little soccer dudes started flying through the air. Normally we wouldn’t bother you with a stupid soccer brawl, but the goods here has to be how many flying kicks are in this video. KICKS – EVERYWHERE!

Posted: This morning

Premise of Video: Batalla campal en Copa Libertadores – Deportes Cuatro. We think that says “Watch these flying ninjas kicking the opposing team after losing match.”

Climax of Video: Some dude, about halfway through, standing in the bench area throwing a water bottle at a fellow combatant.

Conclusion: Vancouver isn’t impressed.

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