Penis Piercing Gets Australian Soccer Player Red Carded – Seriously [Video]


Our old friend across the pond, Rob Parker, at Off The Post sent us a very strange video this morning from Australia where we learned something about soccer that shocked us. In Australia, soccer players aren’t allowed to have penis piercings. How do we know? This referee takes a player to the men’s room, checks his penis and comes out to flash the red card.

Posted: June 22, 2011

Premise of Video: (via the vlogger) “Most Bizarre Football Sending Off Ever — Old Hill Wanderers reserves side player Aaron Eccleston Gets Red Carded and Sent Off For Piercing On His Penis in the lower leagues of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Old Hill, who are based in Oakleigh, still managed to win beat Swinburne Reserves 3-0”

Climax of Video: Probably when the ref goes right in that bathroom to get him a peek.

Conclusion: It’s unclear how and why a soccer match was stopped because of a suspected penis piercing. How did the ref know? Why is it illegal? Why would a soccer player even have a penis piercing? Where exactly does a penis piercing go? So many questions that, frankly, BC probably doesn’t want to know answers to.

[Aaron Eccleston – Twitter]

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