Miss Italy 2005 Edelfa Chiara Masciotta Shows You Tubby Idiots There Is Hope


This post is 10% about sports and 90% about a dude so far out of his league succeeding in the chick department that it just had to be posted on Busted Coverage. We’d never heard of Edelfa Chiara Masciotta, 2005 Miss Italy. Never heard of Roberto Cenci, her tubby husband. Both truly were foreign to us. But then these beach photos showed up in our inbox and the first thing that came to mind was hope. There really is hope for you tubby idiots out there.

Nothing moves the pageviews around here like a hot chick in a bikini at the beach. Busted Coverage has never had to hire a firm to pinpoint our audience. Many of you spend hours online. Spend hours watching ESPN. Spend days in the Fall watching like 38 hours of football per week. Many of you love chicken wings (boneless). You drink domestic beer. And some of you are 45-lbs. over the high school playing weight.

College happened. Then there was the post-college days when one or two with Jeff in Accounting turned into benders capped off by Taco Bell runs. Suddenly you look like a bloated Chris Berman and the 8 & 9s who used to say yes to dates have been replaced with 6.5s and 7s.

But we’re here today to show you that it’s possible to still be a chicken wing, draft beer drinking idiot and land tail. Take Roberto Cenci (Italian hedgehog). He’s an Italian director who’s had minor success in his work career but somehow landed Ms. Italy 2005, Edelfa Chiara Masciotta.

The following are from this past weekend when the couple was whale watching in Formentera, Spain.

Hope, fellas. Never lose it.

[Edelfa Chiara Masciotta – Google Images]

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