Cheerleading Coach Heather Jackson Wants Student To Tap It? [Cuff ‘Em]


Raise a pint to the teachers/ladies in Texas who keep making Google News “teacher arrested” searches a must-read on a weekly basis. It seems like the past month has been dominated by Texas teachers wanting to get into the pants of their students. Today we meet assistant cheerleading coach and teacher Heather Jackson. It seems Jacks wanted a 16-year-old boy so bad she sat him in the front row where she could give him a show.

Channel 33 (the C-Dub) in Fort Worth wins our link with the full details of Jackson’s sext-capades:

“She used to like bend over in front of her students.  Not like while they were behind them or anything, but she would bend over on their desk and stuff and I was like, ‘OK, maybe that’s just a teacher.’  I don’t know, maybe it is kind of weird now,” said Spriggs.

According to the Fort Worth police arrest warrant, Jackson sent Facebook messages, and then text messages to the student.

The warrant said the text messages include Jackson telling the boy, “I know u want to wait until summer but I don’t,” and “U r so sexy!”

The warrant also stated, “Jackson sent the Victim a message asking the Victim if he knew why she sat him on the front row.  Jackson stated that she sat him there so she could excite him when she bent over in front of him.”

There were some text messages too graphic to include in this story.

Figure The Smoking Gun will have the full police report by 1 p.m. EST. Now, let’s get to this C-Dub story and how Jackson would put on a show. Are we talking short skirt bending over? Front? Back?


And these TV stations wonder why TMZ kills them. GIVE US THE MESSAGES.  Not that we’re turned on by that mug shot, but it’s more about turning our morning into a Penthouse Forum via a Texas cheerleader coach.

Stay tuned. Updates as warranted.

[Fort Worth Teacher Accused Of Improper Relationship With Student]

[Ms. Jackson has 15-year-old son]

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