Tony Parker Pool Party Includes Plenty Of San Antonio Scrubs [Photos]


Possibly sensing his days in San Antonio are numbered, Tony Parker threw a HUGE house party Sunday and allowed half of San Antonio to show up for a DJ’d blowout bash. We’re not talking Hollywood elite at the $7.1mm house that he and Eva Longoria started to build in 2008. This was straight up hood rats that seemed to be handpicked off Twitter. Think: hoochies that Eva would never let on her 16.5 acre spread.

Here’s what we know about the Parker Pool Bash: Small, but solid effort on Twitter by poseurs to brag about going to Tony’s pool party. Odd selection of people. Pretty much like a Vegas pool party but in San Antonio and minus the hot California chicks.

Here is DJMannyE, not exactly someone Longoria would have let in her driveway, reporting in. Dude only has 76 Twitter followers!

@TroopUP livin good man, went to Tony Parkers birthday pool party at his house and played drunk ball wit the kid in his gym lol

How about a female’s perspective on Tony’s shack from @Deuce_DiMe. 152 followers.

soooo went to Tony Parkers pool party today…he has a phat ass house and backyard..ugh. only if i had millions of dollars..#funtimes

Oh, and a Tony Parker party would be horrible without some local radio personality who goes by @NickatnightSATX. 274 followers.

Headed to TonyParkers house. Early reports compare it to heaven. #overandout

The pool you are about to see the hoochies hanging around clocks in at 4,400 sq. ft. and is estimated to have cost more than $1,000,000.

Have more photos of Tony’s pool or the San Antonio scrubs? Mail ’em in.

[A peek at Tony and Eva’s digs]

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