Yankees Couple Fighting At Cubs Game Over Onions On Hot Dog [Video]

If our memory serves us right, it was Dan Shulman calling ESPN’s Cubs-Yankees Sunday Night Baseball and he said something about fans being very civil at Wrigley for this interleague showdown. Sorry bro, you couldn’t be more wrong. Taking a look at YouTube this morning there were at least 6 different incidents and one Yankees couple having a war over onions on a hot dog. Seriously. Watch as this chick goes slap and Drew Lachey drops the beotch bomb.

Posted: June 20, 2011

Premise of Video: We’ll call the drunk chick Tina. She’s had a few too many, has been screaming for her Yankees and the beer is starting to do the talking. Her partner, Drew, has had enough of her drunken stupidity. We think he’s pissed over her acting like a moron and putting onions on a hot dog. Something like that.

Climax of Video: Tina smacks Drew and he responds as any true Yankees fan should with a quick “Bitch!” comeback.

Conclusion: Who the hell is working that iPhone. Major kudos to you, sir. The zoom. The audio. The stability. Massive props.