More Tyler Seguin Shirtless Drunken Dancing & A New Tattoo [Photos]

Another day, another bar Bruins’ teen Tyler Seguin is destroying with his wingman Brad Marchand. Let us repeat, Seguin is 19! He now owns a Stanley Cup victory and is destroying the women of the Northeast with a trail of shirtless photos that are the hottest thing on the Internet this week. Today we find Segs and Marchand getting nuts at an undisclosed bar. We know these are new shots because Segs and March have matching tats and belts.

You might remember yesterday when we showed you these two going Chippendales at the MGM at Foxwoods. That post has sent Boston into a frenzy and currently has Busted Coverage on

The big news today is that Seguin now has the same Stanley Cup tat that Marchand had inked up on Friday. Also, the belts. Matching.

At this point we better start seeing these two sleeping with chicks because it’s getting a little too masculine for Boston bros on Twitter.

The shirtless pictures of Marchand and Seguin going around. They are jacked. Fanning myself. Oh my god.

Hotter than an Arizona wildfire, according to BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich who has gotten very little sleep in the last 60 hours.

Anyway, take a look at the tat design that now resides on Seguins ribs and we’ll get back to searching the Internets to satiate your thirst for more Seguin. Stay tuned.

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