Meet Jamie Nolen And The Real Auburn Football Hostesses

Earlier today, some idiot who will remain nameless did a story “exposing” Auburn and their practice of using paid hosts and hostesses to take care of recruits while they’re on campus.

The hostesses, known as Tigerettes, and hosts, known as Tiger Hosts, are students who do indeed get paid for doing actual work. Kind of like when the university paid me to mop the racquetball courts while I was in college.

From the Auburn website:

The Auburn University Tigerettes and Tiger Hosts/S.O.A.R. serve as Public Relation Representatives for the Auburn Athletic Department. This group of young women and men assist the department by working with the Athletic Director, Tigers Unlimited, the Alumni Association and at various community functions.


How dare they!

While we still expect there are people handing envelopes of cash to Auburn football players and recruits, that’s no reason to blame a bunch of college kids for trying to make a buck while they’re in school.

That is, unless you’ve seen He Got Game too many times and you’ve got visions of twin blond bimbos dancing through your head. If that is indeed the case, you’ll probably be disappointed to know that the Tigerettes and Tiger Hosts are a bunch of clean-cut, good-looking kids.

Especially attractive is former vice president Jamie Nolen, who was “outed” for receiving funds for doing a job in the report we mentioned previously.

She’d be the one on the left in the photo above.


Check out the gallery for more Tigerettes.

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