Joba Chamberlain’s Elbow Surgery Scar Rules! [Photos]

Expect a new tat on Joba Chamberlain’s right elbow pretty soon to cover up the nasty scar from his Tommy John surgery. Our old buddy from way back when he was chasing the Road Beef seems to be all good besides taking a shower with a garbage bag over his arm and the pain of a giant slice down his arm. “Feels really good. Not as stiff as I would have thought. Thanks again for everyone’s thoughts and prayers,” the one-time Yankees bullpen savior tweeted today.

Chamberlain, who seems to be enjoying his time away from baseball by enjoying the College World Series in Omaha, was upbeat before the surgery.

“It’s one of those things where you move forward and get better from it and embrace the fact that you’re about to have surgery and go from there,” said Chamberlain, who will have surgery performed on his torn elbow ligament by Dr. James Andrews in Pensacola, Fla. “This is a surgery that a lot of people have. People understand you can come back form this.”

Stop and think about this: the guy is only 25! Got to the majors at 20 and doesn’t turn 26 until September.

New elbow ligaments. New tats. Some free time away from the game. Time to hang out with his redneck family. This guy is going to be a machine when he returns to the Bronx.


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