Jenn Brown’s Hair Battling Elements At College World Series [5 Photos]

Of course we’re all over Jenn Brown and that graphene (look it up, cool material) shirt she’s sportin’ today in Omaha. Her day, so far, has consisted of talking about the @JennBrownESPN Twitter page and something about a stupid rally monkey carried around by the Texas A&M student manager. Meanwhile, the hair is in rare form. Like a Nebraska wheat field. Airy. Blowing like an American flag on a sweet Summer afternoon.

In case you are new to Busted Coverage and don’t know the story of how Jenn jumped from a freelance gig traveling around the U.S. for ESPNU to the CWS, let us refresh your memory.

We happened to be in Columbus for the Ohio State-USC game in 2009, which was a GameDay stop. Jenn was like 2 weeks into her ESPNU gig. She was there doing some stand-up shots. BC popped out the camera, had no idea who this chick was and started snapping. A post went up on Monday. Our GameDay source told us her name and the post went nuts. Go ahead. Try to find a site that beat us to the punch. You won’t.

A few months later Ms. Brown was working for ESPN and later spotted in a bikini with Kenny Chesney.

Just another example of how this site has given back to the community. Anyway, College World Series. Photos. Updates as warranted.