$12,000 For Tim Tebow Sculpture – Seriously! [Photo]

Now think about this for a second, some sculpture artist named Franco Castelluccio has been working on a Tim Tebow piece that he hopes will bring $12,000. Don’t misunderstand us, art is wonderful. The BC office has a couple of beautiful pieces we’ve picked up on trips to Santa Fe. We also understand that there is this thing called exploitation. How dare Franc play on the emotions of the hundreds of thousands of Tebow worshipers. Don’t do it, people. It’s just Timmy breaking a tackle.

From Franco’s bio:

It only takes one glance to see in the sculpture of Franco Castelluccio the work of a true master. An accountant by trade, Mr. Castelluccio was in his twenties before he touched his first piece of clay. His life was never the same. Having received no formal training, his inspiration seemed to spring from a newly awoken passion within. Today his works are sought after by art collectors from around the world.

His work is in turn whimsical and romantic, turbulent and heroic.  His sinewy and supple sculptures seem about to move at any moment. With the soul of a poet, Mr. Castelluccio takes many of his subjects from great works of literature and the most stirring stories of ancient Greek and Roman mythology and credits among his early influences Carpeaux, Bernini, and he says “of course Michelangelo”.

Now, let’s get down to business – the price.

According to the Franco Twitter account, the fine art bronzed sculpture is priced at $12,000 and is 16H X 24W. Of course there is a deal to be had if you must have this piece in the double-wide.

Says Franco’s P.R. agency:

Price can be dropped significantly if you aren’t looking for a bronzed version of the sculpture.

Or you could save your money and buy this $20,000 Tebow rookie card. Your call.

[Franco Castelluccio – Fine Art Sculptor – Facebook]

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