Sports Reporter Britt McHenry Is Next Erin Andrews? [14 Photos]

You guys wasted little time busting our balls after the Lauren Gardner sideline reporter piece ran last week. BC tipster Chris wrote to us late last week about our new “The Next Erin Andrews Hunter,” series. “Check out Britt McHenry. She does sports for the ABC affilite in DC. 25 years old, played DI soccer, smoking hot,” was Chris’ full report. The Next EA Hunter has taken a peak and can confirm that McHenry is officially on our radar.

From Britt’s Wikipedia page:

McHenry was born in Mount Holly Township, New Jersey on May 28, 1986. After graduating from Satellite High School in 2004, where she was teammates with professional soccer player Ashlyn Harris, McHenry attended Stetson University and played soccer for the Hatter’s soccer program.After graduating magna cum laude in 2007 from Stetson, McHenry went onto Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. It was there at Medill that McHenry started covering stories in Chicago.


The facts as compiled by The Hunter:

• Name rolls off the tongue

• Has the drive. Just 25 and already working the D.C. sports market

• Um, look at that hair. You throw that on ESPN HD for the National Spelling Bee & college guys will go nuts watching little Asian kids try to spell insanely crazy words.

Take a look at her YouTube page. 35 uploads! 2,700+ Twitter followers.

• Well spoken, eye candy

Hunter’s Estimated Hire Date At ESPN or Fox: February, 2012

Hunter’s Expert Analysis: She’s already working the East Coast, knows the time zone and all the heavy hitters in the DelMarVa region. We can only assume Scott Van Pelt has been eyeballing Britt when he’s back home. ESPN should be all over this talent. Um, she’s working for an ABC-affiliate. This one is cut and dry. Britt was ESPN material yesterday. HIRE HER! NOW! (Only problem could be she’s not exactly a sideline reporter. Could be Rachel Nichols future replacement on E:60)