Michael Wilbon Takes Son To First Cubs Game, Falls Asleep, Leaves Early [Photos]

Michael Wilbon is now 52-years-old which means he’s moved into the stage of his life where he needs rest. Think of your father. Maybe early to mid-50s was the point in his life when he could fall asleep on the toilet, right? The PTI star just happened to make Saturday a special day for his son. It was the little boy’s very first Cubs game and the proud father, as you can see, ended up napping and confirming via Twitter that he didn’t stay until the final out.

Wilbon tweeted yesterday:

Thanks to all who sent warm Fathers’ Day wishes and warm sentiments about dads and sons and baseball…didn’t make entire game…way long…

This marathon clocked in at 3:43 and the Cubs, as you could have guessed, lost to the Yankees 4-3. No matter the result, Wilbon tried to make it a special day for his little boy.

very few things in my life better than taking my son Matthew to his very 1st big-league ball game, at Wrigley, Cubs v Yankees…

As an added bonus, nothing better than doing Wilbon Twitter photo searches and finding him sleeping during his son’s first Cubs game.

[HT: @AshleyNeiman]

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