Boston Bruins’ Tyler Seguin’s Shirtless Foxwoods Shenanigans [Photos]

UPDATE: We can now confirm that Seguin and Marchand have matching Stanley Cup tattoos, plus NEW shirtless bar top dancing from Segs and his wingman.

Do we even remotely care that Boston Bruins center Tyler Seguin is 19, a Stanley Cup champion and getting blotto at a Foxwoods bar? Are you kidding? Can’t take a legal-aged drinker from Canada and expect him to then wait until he’s 21 to drink in the U.S. Not even remotely possible. Now that’s out of the way, let’s get down to business. What ladies and readers out there are ready for Tyler Seguin just millimeters away from giving you a heart attack.

As we reported this morning, the Bruins went nuts at a Foxwoods club and the night included the now infamous $100k Ace of Spades bottle. Of course the pics keep rolling in, and it seems that the guys had a suite where the party kept rolling well into the night with a shirtless Milan Lucic doing Stanley Cup bombs. Seguin was in the mix as well, finding a crop of ladies to share tales of how he went from scoring 106 points last year in the Ontario Hockey League to winning the Stanley Cup in less than 12 months.

Kudos to the Jersey ChasersĀ® for snapping and uploading pics. Without your dedication we’d be blind to all the fun.

The bar top shirtless dancers are Brad Marchand and Seguin. Adjust your “Hottest Boston Bruins” list accordingly.

[Tyler Seguin – Boston Bruins]

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