The Raging CanAsian Jason Li Arrested For Vancouver Riot? [Cuff ‘Em]

Word amongst the websites tracking all things Vancouver riots is that The Raging CanAsian, Jason Li, has been arrested (and then released) for his part as the face of moronic dog-tag wearing idiocy. Vancouver news outlets, not really focused on a trendy glasses CanAsian, haven’t officially reported that Li was arrested but plenty of sites seem to know about this high school student who actually bragged about rioting on his Facebook.

According to one site:

Jason Li had already been arrested earlier today.  For those thinking that there will be jail or serious consequences, consider our court system.  He’s already been released from police custody presumably to await a court appearance.  Our courts are backed up with waits lasting months.  Jason Li is in the Air Cadets and has plans to attend UBC in the fall.  Time will tell what the future may bring for our zero Jason Li.  Captain Vancouver praises the real hero’s of the 16th for coming out to clean up the mess left behind by the zero’s of yesterday.

Just another reason why Canada can’t really be taken serious – he was an air cadet!

Let’s take a look at that Facebook screencap and go here where you can friend The Raging CanAsian.

[Video: The Raging CanAsian blasting some bank’s window – YouTube]

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