Worse Human: Foul Ball Lady Or Arizona D-Bag Stealing Ball From Cute Chick?


The hot video of the day is of the Arizona Diamondbacks d-bag fan ripping a ball away from a cute blond at this week’s game against the San Francisco Giants. The shameless tub of greek fries covered in cheese sauce sits there as NBC S.F. cameras capture this idiot unapologetic about his act of greed. Combine this idiot with the lady stealing a foul ball from a little girl and you have Americans acting like selfish pigs. The question of the day is: “Which of these pigs deserves to have Bud Selig’s hairy ballsack rubbed in their face?

Up first! Foul ball lady. This sickening act now has over 2.1 mm views.

And now for Diamondbacks D-Bag

While both are despicable acts, we’re actually going with Diamondbacks D-Bag as needing Bud Selig’s ballsack bouncing off his face. Why? Because this idiot is what’s wrong with baseball. He’s jersey guy. He doesn’t have a girlfriend. He plays fantasy baseball and checks his stats at least 15-20 times per day. He cruises message boards and talks about minor league talent with other dorks who aren’t getting laid.

Foul Ball Lady had more of a right to her foul ball than that little brat. Get in your seat. Pam only moves like two steps. The little brat, who doesn’t have very much parental supervision, needs to get in her seat where an adult can protect her from foul balls. Actually, this lady just taught the girl a lesson. Catch a foul ball in your seat and it’ll be a memory. Try to perpetrate on someone’s turf and you pay the price.

Both make us want to puke, but Diamondbacks D-Bag wins this battle of the bigger scumbag.

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