World’s Sexiest Dallas Mavericks Fan [24 Photos]

Our coworkers at Coed tipped us off to a chick on Twitter who goes by the handle @Heathero14 who who already her Dallas Mavericks NBA Championship shirt. As an added bonus, Heather took the time to do some mirror shots of the new shirt. This combination of skin, her fandome and our need to post a gallery of Heather’s greatest work has resulted in her being named “World’s Sexiest Dallas Mavericks Fan.” Those wishing to compete with Heather are encouraged to email us.

Heathero14’s Quick Facts:

• Recent Texas State U. grad

• Exercise Sports Science major

• Works as a bodypaint chick for Playboy Golf

• Dreams of posing for Playboy Playmate spread

• Is a #FriskyFriday legend