U.S. Open Lemonade Stand Kids Slapped With $500 Fine!


The big news out of the U.S. Open besides Rory McIlroy destroying the 36-hole record for lowest two rounds in tournament history? These blonde hair troublemakers running a lemonade stand that had to be crushed by the bureaucratic arm of a government inspector who first warned the kids to shut it down and then slapped their parents with a $500 fine. Seriously. Meanwhile, down the road, there were homeowners letting cars drive over their lily plants for $50 per car.

9 News Now, bless their hearts, brought this story to the attention of the masses today and got results.

A county inspector ordered the Marriott and Augustine kids to shut down the stand they set up on Persimmon Tree Rd., right next to Congressional. And after they allegedly ignored a couple of warnings, the inspector fined their parents $500.

“This gentleman from the county is now telling us because we don’t have a vendors license, the kids won’t be allowed to sell their lemonade,” Carrie Marriott told us, her voice trembling.

The kids can’t seem to understand it. “I don’t agree, I think the county is wrong.” “We’re sending the money to charity.”

Jennifer Hughes, the director of permitting for the county, says it’s technically illegal to run even the smallest lemonade stand in the county, but inspectors usually don’t go looking for them. She said this one was unusually large. Hughes also says they’ve warned all kinds of other vendors they couldn’t operate near the US Open because of concerns about traffic and safety.

Hammered by locals who are frustrated with yet more government intervention in the lemonade trade, the Montgomery County officials have now changed their minds about the $500.

The county permits director Jennifer Harris says the children simply need to move their stand from the “main strip,” to a more private, safer area. The $500 fine was also waived.

Time to take your fanny packs elsewhere. This U.S. Open ripoff game is for the rich adults. Now scurry away and play video games.

[Kids run illegal lemonade stand outside U.S. Open]

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