Of Course Vancouver Riot Kissee Alex Thomas Has Facebook, Likes Dire Straits

Pffft, were you expecting a chick laying on her back after getting blasted by a police shield during a riot to not have a Facebook page or not like Dire Straits? Officially say hello to Alex (Alexandra on her Facebook account) Thomas, a British Columbia native who is now being hailed around the world for her moment of innocence and drama. We sent out the I-Team to get more intel on this Thomas chick and see what have had her in the middle of a riot.

The guy Ms. Thomas was being kissed by, Scott Jones, has plans of leaving Vancouver for California with Ms. Thomas in tow, according to Scott’s father who is enjoying the world news circuit.

“I don’t think he’s come to grips with it. The full force of it is going to hit him today.” Dad’s advice “would be to take it in his stride and enjoy it while he’s got it.”

Jones goes from being a nearly non-existent wannabe actor/bartender and into an instant celebrity, but also has concerns about people who think the photo was staged.

Brett Jones has also counselled Scott not to buckle to the doubters, rampant on the skeptical, know-it-all Internet, who say the photograph was staged.

“Tell your story as it happened and there’s nothing you can do about them,” he told his son. “I think it’s amazing.”

Now, back to Thomas, who should be getting more pub since she’s the one who was knocked to the ground and seemed to be in distress.

She’s a University of Guelph graduate who lists Chromeo as one of her favorite bands. Makes sense to us. Didn’t exactly think kids caught up in riots were listening to Crosby, Stills, Nash these days.

The requisite Facebook screencaps in case she deep sixes the account today.

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