Mark Cuban’s Shake Weight & McIlroy Leads At U.S. Open [Burnt Toast]

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The Greatest Tweets in the History of the Internet* (*In the Last 24 hours)

Balls and Holes Tournament of American States Which Are United

@Vernnnn69: I really don’t give a shit about the us open

Oh America, you are so spoiled. Just because Tiger Woods isn’t playing doesn’t mean golf isn’t worth watching. That’s like saying porn wasn’t good before the internet. Golf was good before Tiger. Porn was good before the internet. Let’s just say both enhanced their respective products. We can’t watch sports without story lines any more. Sad.

@ESPNStatsInfo: Rory McIlroy (-6) has at least a share of the 1st-round lead for the 3rd time in the last 4 majors.

Pretty Pretty Pretty Good……but then there was this…..

@DanGrazianoESPN: I remember this Rory McIlroy guy from 25 years ago. We called him “Greg Norman” back then.
That son of a bitch Norman was a FAILURE!!!! FAILURE I TELL YOU!!!  Sure he had a clothing line, winery, yacht design company, and was worth over $500,000,000. But he choked in the ’96 Masters. A bum in my books.
Mavericks Victory Parade & Mark Cuban Not Sitting Down To Urinate
@SF_Giants: Just over 200,000 people attended the Dallas Mavericks Championship Parade today. Over 1 million were at the #SFGiants Parade. #JustSayin
Aren’t people in San Francisco used to parades? #JustSaying
Technically, he could be correct. Savvy of Chandler not to specify NBA Championships.
You think Mark Cuban isn’t going to enjoy his championship……check out what made his TwitPic account today:

Twitter Potpourri
@Tchoice23: @KingJames U measure a man when his world starts to fall see how tall he stands? Will u have the same swagger when the world laughin at u?
Right after Cowboys RB Tashard Choice tweeted Lebron James, I’m sure he sent him a direct message asking for an autograph
@ProFootballTalk: Plaxico says his legal troubles were “totally blown out of proportion”
Oh Plaxico. Might want to step away from the media interviews for a bit. Pump the brakes and hit the gym. You have a lockout to prepare for.
@JayMohr37: NFL players. When Target has a surplus of revenue, they don’t kick it down to the cashiers. No cashiers, no Target. Plz get back to work.
Only clear winner so far of the NFL Lockout…..Lawyers. Great point by Jay, however the next time I draft Fantasy Cashiers for my Fantasy Retail League, it will be the 1st time.
Former Porn Star Turned Fun Sports Twitterer Follow Of The Day:
@IM_JUST_ASH – Ashlynn Brooke
She’s a HUGE Packers Fan, and now you are as well

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