Jordan Jefferson Gets Redemption On ESPN By Grabbing Erin Andrews’ Ass?


You might remember yesterday when we helped make Jordan Jefferson famous this week for his answer to “Which Jefferson Is This?” pop quiz on ESPN. Of course he flubbed the answer to a picture of Thomas Jefferson by calling him George – on live national TV. Well, we can now report that Jordan exacted revenge on ESPN HQ by taking this photo and maybe getting in an ass grab on pageviews. You be the judge. Hand on the ass?

Says Jefferson about flubbing the Jefferson Wonderlic examination:

I looked at the thing for a quick sec n I saw white hair n I was lik that’s George but I forgot about Thomas

It’s all good, kid. You got a photo with EA out of it and a cool YouTube video. Just think of the alternative summer you could of had taking summer classes and maybe working a part-time job.

[Jordan Jefferson – Twitter]

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