This Canucks Bro Knocked The $%#@ Out & Bros Being Popped [Cuff ‘Em]


Must hand it to Vancouver Canucks hooligans, they sure know how to put their city on the world map with an old fashioned riot. Great job, people. You sure busted up that downtown Sears. But one specific idiot stood out to us. Pants on the Ground guy. If you lose your pants to a Vancouver cop and make the national news, you’re a riot bro. And what about those guys jumping off Port-O-Crappers like WWE top ropes. Brought tears to our eyes. Go ahead, idiots, destroy your country.

Check out this bro knocked the f#$k out!

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: Fights. Rioting. Idiots going to the drunk tank. This was early action. The real fun got started once the white, early 20s idiots took aim on Sears and other downtown businesses. Canucks lose, time to get a free Craftsman drill!

Climax of Video: Watch the morons getting on TV while some dude lays there nearly dead. COOL!

Conclusion: Phillies fans are totally jealous that a Canadian city is stealing their thunder. Your move, Philly.

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