LSU QB Jordan Jefferson Falls For ESPN’s Trick “Who Is This Jefferson” Question [Video]


We were just sitting here looking at a hot kickboxer chick when a message crossed our TweetDeck saying Jordan Jefferson just destroyed a pop quiz presented to him on ESPN SportsCenter. The BC office TV was on ESPN so we hit rewind and about lost spewed the beer we’re drinking all over the 42″ LCD. Look, you don’t want your SEC QB too smart. Dude will totally rebound from saying this is George Jefferson. We smell ESPN GameDay material right here, folks.

Keep in mind that Jefferson is a Sports Administration major. That has nothing to do with history, right?

Posted: By BC about 20 minutes ago

Premise of Video: ESPN has had college football QBs in for visits all week and it’s Jordan Jefferson’s turn to be the man for the SEC. Matt Barkley’s beautiful self was parading around this week, but it’s time to bring in the real athletes from the baddest college football conference in the world. Time for a pop quiz. Who is this Jefferson? Seems simple enough.

Climax of Video: Um, no that’s not George Jefferson.

Conclusion: Cut the kid some slack. They probably brought him straight to the set after lunch with Wendi Nix or one of the other hot chicks wandering around campus. Dude looked nervous. Tosh.o redemption? Too soon?

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