Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Do Singing Bee Mad Libs Game Show [10 Photos]


PR guy Brad emailed us this week with this message. “I hope you are well! I just wanted to let you know that six Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders will be featured on Friday night’s episode of The Singing Bee, CMT’s highest rated original series. The cheerleaders will compete in this karaoke-style game show to win $10,000 for their chosen charity.” Who cares about the charity? Cheerleaders playing Mad Libs karaoke? We’re all in.

Brad continues with his pitch.

I’ve attached a photo of the cheerleaders at the taping of the show, which will air June 17 at 8:00pm (and happens to be the 50th episode on the network).  Also, below is a YouSendIt link to a few fun highlight clips from the episode. The cheerleaders show off their singing skills, do a group dance, and teach host Melissa Peterman how to do their signature move, “sexy hips.”

Yes, Brad, we’ll open that 300 mb file and pray you aren’t about to poison our computer system with some worm. Luckily our Macs made it through the download process and we were off and screencapping the highlights from tomorrow night’s show. While the videos were fun, the office got more enjoyment from filling in the blanks with crude, offensive, sex-filled mad libs.

Of course we’re going to DVR this episode. It’ll actually be the first time in history that a show on Country Music Television will ever be DVR’d on the home cable box. That’s how much we think of the outtakes BC received.

Play along at home!

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