Kardashian To Leno: Prenup In Works; No Word On Who Gets BC Napkin [Photos]


The Giant Ass was on Leno last night to tell the world how the engagement process went down between her and Kris Humphries (yes, this is our job to track such stupid garbage). That crap bored us to death, but the moneyshot had yet to be dropped. Um, yes, Kim says there will be a prenup which has our hands wringing. Remember yesterday? Yeah, we bought a $22.50 napkin for these millionaires. Of course we want to know who gets it in a divorce.

Kim told Vinny the Chin a prenup was just commonsense for her and the family.

The audience thought that was adorable, and then she made the charming switch to talking about the reason why she decided to draft a prenup. She explained that her father (the late Rob Kardashian) had her sign contracts for everything, like for cars and groceries and so signing one to get married just made sense to her, and she said she didn’t believe it lessened the love she and Kris have for each other. Kim also explained that she will legally change her name to Kimberly Kardashian Humphries, but she’ll remain Kim Kardashian for all business related things because she curiously didn’t seem to believe she could change the Kardashian Sears Collection to the Kardashian and Humphries Sears Collection.

We’ve adjusted our prediction. This marriage will last 2.8 years, down from our previous estimate of 5.9 years. She’ll pump out a kid, starting pimping it to Kohls and divorce, which’ll lead to a book deal.

Just hope Kris is smart enough to get half of the $22.50 napkins in that prenup. They’re grey, which’ll go well with his future apartment in Hoboken.

[Video: Giant Ass talks marriage with The Chin]

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