German Opinion: Dirk Nowitzki Just Defeated Ghetto Basketball [Screencap]


Leave it to German newspapers to make the NBA Finals into a race story. Welt Online, one of Germany’s largest daily papers, is considered to be a conservative voice of the citizenry. The paper is also now famous within the sports blogosphere as the rag that allowed Peter Schelling to turn Dirk vs. the Heat into Dirk vs. black guys who have tats and “wrinkled faces,” as Pete writes. Seriously, this guy will probably never drink for free at Club LIV.

Pete gets a few things off his chest:

The European club system has since appeared to advantage. The contingent of Dallas are four players who have learned there: two French, one Serb and Dirk Nowitzki.

That street ball, threaten Rap and ghetto chic and the commercial success of the sport, has recognized the league itself years ago. At that time the players were still dressed with gold chains and hung in the gangsta look: baseball caps, schlabberige pants, long T-shirts and sneakers were open standard.

The wide – white in the majority – aware American public takes this shoddy outfit but with street gangs and the mainly black rappers scene here. The organization wants the NBA, the basketball bothered as a family sports marketing for all. Therefore, a dress code was enforced. The players must now appear in a suit and tie the game.

Let us summarize this column for you. Peter thinks that a polished German player with jump shooting abilities, who just happens to be white, is superior to black guys with street mentality who don’t have the balls to step up in the 4th quarter. He

Say what you will, Peter knows how to make a splash on American shores.

[Ghetto Basketball Defeated By White German]

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