Old Texas Coot Popped After NBA Finals For Sports Gambling Ring! [Cuff ‘Em]


The fine folks of San Antonio are much safer this morning after some 67-year-old baldy with an Italian name was cuffed for running a sports gambling ring. Federico Felan was a bookie. A big-time bookie. How big? Dude had $200,000 in cash from Sunday’s NBA Finals Game 5. $140,000 was stashed in his daughter-in-law’s trunk. Local authorities wanted to bust this guy at the peak of his career so they went after him yesterday post-Finals Mavs victory.

MySanAntonio.com sent out its Sports Gambling Ring Investigation Unit to get the full story:

Federico Felan, 67, was arrested at 8 a.m. in the 5600 block of Brookhill Street on the Northwest Side and charged with money laundering, a second degree felony.

Felan was leaving his house to make his rounds when officers pulled him over for a traffic stop, said Lt. Tammy Burr, Bexar County’s Sheriff’s narcotics unit commander.

Officers found $10,000 in his pockets. He consented to a search his car, where they found another $9,000, Burr said.

Glenn Sanders, a deputy close to the investigation, said Felan admitted to gambling and gave officers consent to search his home. An additional $140,000 was found in Felan’s stepdaughter’s car trunk, Burr said.

Officers had been investigating Felan for close to seven months, and were waiting for the end of the NBA Finals before making a move.

Local TV station KENS5 reiterates how big Felan’s operation was with this nugget.

While Investigators said this was a large bust, they claim Felan had been doing it for years, placing millions of dollars worth of bets over the past 3 decades.

How sad for those local bettors who took the Mavs and the points in Game 6. Sorry, bros. Doesn’t seem like you’ll be getting paid. Maybe call the police station and ask if they plan to make good on all bets. That’s probably the right thing to do this morning.

[Bookie’s bust exposes daily gambling ring]


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