Genius: Father Rents USC Song Girls For Daughter’s Birthday Party [Video]

It’s been like 5 months since our last search for “USC Song Girls” so it was about time to update you guys on the latest happenings with the sweater puppies. Just happens that we came across a father making this video where the Song Girls are working (yes, you can hire them) a birthday party where the little girls learn from the pros. Pure genius move, bro.

Imagine being divorced, closing in on 40 and not exactly able to get close to Song Girls without getting arrested. Your daughter has a birthday coming up. She’s an aspiring cheerleader who totally adores the Ladies of Troy because you’ve always told her that Raiders cheerleaders are trashy.

She comes to you and wants a special birthday. BOOM! You hit this link and download the appearance form. Then the price hits you. $150 per Song Girl. Seems reasonable to hire two instead of renting the stupid limo for $125 per hour.

The results…

Posted: May 21, 2011

Premise of Video: See above.

Climax of Video: End of the video. Dad…”Wooooo YEAH…good job.”

Conclusion: Thinking of hiring a couple of Song Girls to model the Cam Newton BCS pants. We’ll see if they bite.