Dallas Mavericks Cheerleader NBA Finals Celebratory Bikini Time [12 Photos]


They’re cheerleaders, alright. Enough of this “NBA Dancer” garbage. If you put pompoms in a chick’s hand and have them go nuts after a made basket, they’re cheerleaders. Now that’s out of the way, let’s tell you how the Dallas Mavericks cheerleaders have to be one of the most secretive units in all of sports. We’ve literally spent hundreds of man hours trying to show you something – maybe a bikini – other than the normal cheerleader uniform pics. In the end, a tipster came knocking.

He called himself Wes.

“Seriously….we win the NBA title and send LeBron to vacation and cant get you idiots to do sh@t on the Mavs dancers. HOTTest chicks in the league”

The spelling disaster continued.

“Dude bout time BC show off my favurite chick from the mavs….Casie”

Never claimed to have the best spellers reading this site. Of course the intro email eased our apprehension over opening attachments from some guy named ‘Wes.’ What we found were 13 random shots of this Casie chick who was a rookie Mavs cheerleader this year. She likes sushi or Mexican food, lists her eyes and long legs as best assets, has a fat beagle and goes to Richland College.

Let us make it very clear to you idiots how difficult it is to get a peek behind the Iron Curtain that is NBA ‘Dance’ squads on the Internet. Very rare to secure bikini pics. Facebook accounts are on lockdown. Photos including beer cans are almost like pulling a Honus Wagner card out of your backyard. The odds are astronomical. These ladies should probably work for the CIA.

That’s why we’ve turned to you guys who already have favorites and want the world to know there are hot chicks out there shaking it who need to be recognized.

Keep sending the tips, leads and photos. Be like Wes and rip us. Doesn’t bother us a bit.


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