Cuban Trophy Crisis & Who’s Up For Some #DeepRapQuestions? [Burnt Toast]

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The Greatest Tweets in the History of the Internet* (*In The Last 24 Hours)

Cuban Trophy Crisis

@ImaGM: Photo: Miami Herald runs advertisement selling the @MiamiHEAT championship t-shirts and hats 

Does anyone else not see right through this? A Brilliant PR move by Macy’s in the Miami area. The ad ran after Game 6, which means even had the Heat won, they would have still had to wait until Wednesday to run the right ad. Like people weren’t going to shop at Macy’s because of this “Mistake”. Bravo Macy’s….Bravo

@JohnKasich: Proud to name the Dallas Mavericks Honorary Ohioans for a day!

When the Governor of a state declares another city’s team honorary members of the state because they defeated another city’s team, you might want to GET THE HELL OUT OF THAT STATE. Seriously Ohio, stop it. You are starting to remind me of Mikey in Swingers when he leaves 10 different answering machine messages.

@CanadianMike101: Owner Mark Cuban will cover the entire cost of the Mavs championship celebration. I bet he throws one of the great bashes of all-time

Going from Sports hero to douche happens all the time, Tiger….Lebron…etc, but has anyone gone from Sports Douche to Sports Hero like Cuban? Damn fine 72 hours for you sir. Now, just don’t get caught with blow and an underage Filipino tranny.

@KegnEggs: Deshawn Stevenson’s shirt has been named 2011 NBA Finals MVP

Yes. Yes it did.

Frozen Soccer Game 6 or 7 or something

@JTTheBrick: Someone call the Canucks Pilot and tell him to fuel up the jet and get ready to head back to Vancouver for Game 7.

C’mon JT…That’s so sexist….perhaps the pilot is a female!!!! Just kidding, women only have 65% of the mental capacity of men, combine that with the pilot being Canadian, then that number heads south to 28.3%. Give the NHL credit though, at least they go 7 game series the right way. 2-2-1-1-1 is the way to roll.

@Sharapovasthigh LOLuongo

When people are commenting that Lebron had a better 24 hours than you, it’s probably means your night did not go as planned. Roberto Luongo is unreal to watch right now. So good, then so bad. Game 7 is going to be must watch TV, unless something else worth watching is on.

@DarrenRovell: In Vancouver, told only 3 brokers own more than 20 tickets. That’s why a Game 7 get-in could cost $3K.

Finally, Canada gets something right. Ticket brokers are right above dentists, and right below proctologists on my scale of likability. Tickets should only be purchased legally at the box office or online. If you want more than 4, then you have to get a special waiver that has to be signed in Bald Eagle blood in order to be valid.



Last night while watching the blowout in the Stanley Cup Finals, the song “My Mind Playing Tricks on Me” came on. Which lead me to ponder the question….Had Halloween not fell on a weekend, would the Ghetto Boys still have gone Trick or Treating? (If it was a Tuesday, no way it happens)

A collection of some of the best……

@MarcasG: What if the chicks in the living room getting it on wanted to leave before 6 in the morning? 

I’m not sure. Catch a cab?

@NuggetsNews: Hey @PeterBurnsRadio ..what if Skee-Lo did, in fact, become a little bit taller?

The real question, who would want to have a Rabbit in a Hat WITH a bat & then have the audacity to ask for a ’64 Impala

@SpaffODC: What if Old Dirty Bastard didn’t like it raw? 

Then with his 38 kids, he must have been using the Roberto Luongo brand of Condoms

@Jad626: Did Mrs. Jackson ever stop crying and accept Outkast’s apology? 

The real question, was he fo’ realllllllll?

@WayneWalls: Isn’t it still fun, even if the homies don’t have some?

That question has been pondered many times by Stephen Garcia’s teammates.

@DannyCharabel: If you did have 2 of Amerikaz most wanted in the same MF place at the same MF time, why couldn’t we catch them?

Lack of intelligence sharing?

@BK1043: Hey @PeterBurnsRadio what if one of Jay-Z’s 99 Problems, was, in fact, a b*tch?

Or perhaps what if Jay-Z didn’t want his baby to know he was a Hustla?

@PeterBurnsRadio: What if you Whoomped, and it still wasn’t there? 

@PeterBurnsRadio: What if Warren G hadn’t hooked a left on 21 & Lewis?

@PeterBurnsRadio: Had Ice Cube not F**ked around, could he have got a Quadruple Double?

Had to quote myself, I got that hashtag trending….so remember kids, $120,000 college education, and you to can get something trending!!!! #ParentingFail

And my favorite #DeepRapQuestion of the Night:

@RonnieKohrt: What if Jay-Z isn’t paying Dwayne Wade….He’s actually paying LeBron??? 


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