Canucks Chick’s Vulgar Messages For Bruins Fan [Morning Twitpics]

This NHL Stanley Cup Finals is starting to grow on us because of the two warring factions cheering their respective teams. On one side you have nearly all of Canada using nationality as a rallying cry. Then you have 2.3% of the U.S. citizenry who even know Boston is in the Finals and those people live in a 300-mile radius around Boston. But they’re rabid. Now it all comes down to a GM 7. Canucks chick wants to take the trash talk beyond a crescendo with what shouldn’t go over well with Bruins Nation.

Her account is @simplycrazyme14 and here are her choice words to chew on if you live within that 300-mile radius. (Those of us who don’t could care less.)

showin’ some love for the ‘nucks ? <3 ahaa suck on that bruins !

And that was followed with:

boston blows, sucks & swallows .
boston does a lot .
gotta give ’em props .

i mean canucks only know how to win …

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