Your Finals MVP Two-Handing Bottle Of Ace Of Spade [Morning Twitpic]

You have no idea how much this makes us smile. Twitter blew up this morning with Miami South Beach poseurs uploading images of the Mavs post-game club party. Cuban carried the trophy. Dirk wore his Euro black rimmed reading glasses. Brian Cardinal was there with his goofy pale self. It was a party. And the best way to rub it in the faces of Miami that the Trophy is going back to Dallas? Buy the biggest damn bottle of Ace of Spade and let the Finals MVP pound it while the cameras snapped. Talent. South Beach.

Not big champagne connoisseurs or South Beach clubbers, we actually had to Google “champagne bottle spade logo.” BOOM. Ace of Spade. We suppose it’s expensive, Dirk’s two-handing it.

More to come. The photo editors were up at 4:30 a.m. analyzing Twitter accounts for the best of Brian Cardinal’s dancing. Stay tuned.

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