Yeah, But He’s Still Rich & Sleeping With Rashard’s Sloppy Seconds [Burnt Toast]

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The Greatest Tweets in the History of the Internet* (*In the last 24 hours)


@ReeseReport: Wade got a kiss from his Mom pre-game, but Barea got one from his woman, Ms. Puerto Rico

Pregame kiss info. This is when I knew Game 6 was going to be an epic twitter night. And let’s just say, I have it on very good record that Ms. Puerto Rico shouldn’t go through JJ’s sent text messages anytime soon.

@Bruce_Arthur: Finally, an NBA Finals elimination game will be decided by a guy with an Abraham Lincoln neck tattoo.

True, Deshawn Stevenson’s tattoo is awesome , however Larry Bird did win the 1981 NBA Championship wearing a Chastity belt braided out of horse hair.

@RussBengtson: If Dallas wins, there’ll be the biggest celebration by a Cuban in Miami since Tony Montana.

I’m looking forward to the tell-all book about the 2011 Mavericks championship run where we find out that Mark Cuban was on eleventy Xanax, and Lean that would make Lil’ Wayne pass out while watching the Finals.

@MikeTyson: I agree with Mark Jackson

Pretty much sums it up.

@ChrisVernonShow: Did Rashard Lewis get to Dirk’s girl?

After starting 1-12, you’d think something was rotten in the state of Nowitzki. But when it was crunch time, Dirk delivered. And no, I don’t believe that Rashard Lewis slept with Lebron‘s girl, nor Delonte West slept with his mom. We are running out of amorous relatives to blame on Lebron’s performances.

@DarrenRovell: With approximately 4000 tickets & a $600 per ticket margin, brokers stand to make about $2.4 million from a Game 7

Miami 33 Free Throws Attempts. Dallas 18 Free Throws Attempts. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, & quacks like a duck….

@SekouSmithNBA: This is a win-or-go-home game for the Heat, right? They’re acting like this is fun and games or something. Where is the urgency?

Heat vs Mavs had a Revolutionary War feel to it. Heat = British: More talent, better equipped, snazzier dressers. Mavericks: Ugly, ragtag group fighting with heart. We know how that one ended.

@EDSBS: Would love an NBA Jam team with two Brian Cardinals and no one else. #endlessclotheslines

Mavericks with 2 Cardinals vs Pistons with 2 Laimbeers. GREATEST. GAME. EVAH.

@DanShanoff: There has not been a non-Olympic moment where more fans have rooted for one team they normally have no interest in than right now.

Bullshit Dan. Clearly you did not watch the first few Real World/Road Rules Challenges. Nobody wanted Tek to win! NO ONE!

@Todd_Wright: Being here in Miami tonight…this city is ready to TURN on LeBron after this series. And it will NOT go away until he produces a title.

The 3rd Quarter of Game 6 might be the most amazing shrinkage I’ve ever witnessed from a professional athlete. In a must win, Lebron wanted no part. It was like watching Tom Brady in the Super Bowl, down 7 in the 2 minute drill, then running 13 straight running plays. Embarrassing.

@CherylTweedy: Congratulations Dirk Nowitzki

Dallas should thank Dirk. Cleveland should thank Dirk, small-market teams should thank Dirk, the USA should thank Dirk. This series proved that team basketball was greater than individual basketball.

@BlogandTackle: Best Decision: Mark Cuban allowing Mavs’ original owner Donald Carter to receive the O’Brien Trophy first. Class move.

Mark Cuban showing class. Hell hasn’t frozen over, but Saddam’s nipples are starting to get a little hard down there.

@GreggDoyelCBS: LeBron just said he’s fine because haters “will wake up tomorrow” with their same problems. And he’ll wake up LeBron:

Lebron’s press conference sums up today’s spoiled athletes. My life > Yours, so what about the game.

@JoeRuiz: I simply can’t understand how LeBron has zero humility, zero common sense and zero PR sense. 

@BigRedInTejas: It appears he has learned literally zero in the past 11 months.

Lots of zero’s in Lebron’s life, including his paycheck. I don’t think I’ll lose much sleep in the offseason for his epic letdown.


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