Thug Impersonates Detroit Lions DB, Runs Up $2,600 Tab [Cuff ‘Em]

Word up to all you thugs who think pretending to be an NFL player only to run up bar tabs is a good idea – pick your impersonations wisely. Urban gossip hounds Bossip had a story yesterday of this moron Sandro Duval who has this thing were he walks into bars impersonating a member of the Detroit Lions who doesn’t have a giant tat on his throat. C’mon, brother, you gotta do better than this.

The details:

A source tells BOSSIP that Duval arrived at the club pretending once again to be Chris Houston. The staff was put on notice, even though management decided to allow Duval to do his thing to see how far he would take it. Once in the club, Duval chatted up some foreign businessmen from France and Saudi Arabia, claiming he was Lil Wayne’s personal manager.

By the end of the night, their table had racked up a $15,000 tab and Duval was looking at a personal bill of $2,600. He attempted to get someone else to cover his split by telling them that he couldn’t understand why his card was declined and that he would have the cash in the morning. When that didn’t work and his rich companions left, Club Play’s management staff confronted Duval, who then told them that he was Chris Gamble of the Carolina Panthers and that if they allowed him to leave, he would return with the cash in a few minutes.

We know the NFL. It’s our job, but had never heard the name Chris Houston. A quick Google search reveals that Houston is a DB for the Detroit Lions, which means his career is probably about over. But Duval keeps using that rap to gain entry into clubs and crush bar tabs.

Dude, it’s 2011. People have cellphones that have this thing called Google built-in. Lose the neck tat and then maybe we can mix you up with Houston.

Eventually the Miami police were called to cuff this bum and jail him on five charges.

(Don’t miss the photos on Bossip. Major FAIL getting led out of a club in cuffs pretending to be an NFL player.)

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