Queen Mum’s Future Rugby Grandson-In-Law’s $20k Miami Bachelor Party Bar Tab…From Club Liv!

Seriously, Miami was the epicenter of the sports world for two members of the G8 nations this weekend. Of course we all know that Dallas won a pretty important game last night. But in the U.K. all eyes are on the photos and bar tab turned in by Mike Tindall, a rugby guy who just happens to be England’s captain and is marrying Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter. He’s a really big deal across the pond, yet came to Miami with an open wallet. It’s not Mark Cuban-esque, but Tindall put a serious hurt on his Visa.

Tindall’s future wife is Zara Phillips, Princess Anne’s daughter, and 13th in line to the throne.

As for Tindall, if you follow international rugby his story is familiar. To us he’s just another guy with lots of money to blow in Miami. Let’s take a look at the damage and focus on the bar name.

Liv – the same bar Mark Cuban took the Mavs.

[Photos: Tindall Getting Bombed In Miami]

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