Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera Is World-Champion WAG; Tweets Translated! [Photos]

Dallas Mavericks‘ guard J.J. Barea is one lucky little Puerto Rican. He’s now an NBA champion, a household name and he’s dating fellow Puerto Rican Zuleyka Rivera, who was Miss Universe in 2006.

Have I mentioned J.J. Barea is a lucky bastard?

Rivera was understandably excited for her man last night, but since she tweets in Spanish, we didn’t have any idea what she was saying.

Okay, that’s a lie. We were really just sitting around surfing galleries of her, which makes you the big winner today.

And just in case you were wondering what she had to say about the Mavs’ win, well, here you go.

Tweet one, to Barea after the game was over.

@jjbareapr I am so proud of you! There is no way to explain the emotion I feel! There are simply no words!

Tweet two, apparently to everyone else.

Tonight we have a ring!

Tweet three, thanking the people of Puerto Rico.

For those of you who’ve always supported us to the last second! Thank you!!!! Puerto Rico!!