Drunken Dirk Nowitzki With His Giant Ace Of Spade Bottle [Photos]

And the photos keep rolling in. We now have Dirk Nowitzki appearing slightly hammered making his infamous Dirk face before or after his two-handed swig off this soon-to-be most Googled Ace of Spade bottle in history. We’ve seen estimates from Twitter dorks that these bottles go for $80k in the clubs. Frankly, we could care less. It’s more than a case of Summer Shandy so it’s expensive. There are also reports that Cuban ordered 100 regular Ace of Spade bottles to keep the party “popping” as the kids call it these days. DRUNK DIRK FACE FULL SHOT! JUMP!

Meanwhile, LeBron woke up this morning to the Miami sunshine and thumbed through a pile of Benjys while eating a bowl of Captain Crunch thinking about all you losers in Cleveland going to the unemployment line.

Maybe next year, Bron Bron.

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Married Dutch Futbolers Drunken Debauchery In Brazil [Photos]
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