Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant; Grass Starting To Root [Photos]

Wayne Rooney is still keeping his fans up-to-date on the new mane that’s rooting on his formerly bald dome. You might remember earlier this week we showed you how the Manchester U. legend’s head was all scabby and bloody after hair transplant surgery. Well, it’s amazing how well skin and hair can progress in 3-4 days. Roons now tweets “The new hair is coming on people. Swelling gone down #hairwego.” Not that we ever disliked Rooney, but you have to root for the guy’s head.

The guy has turned the entire week on Twitter into a bald head joke. He’s currently holed up in an exotic locale wearing a Yankees cap and razzing his friends about the new hair.

@fizzer18 haha Philip. U got ur blonde streaks in for ur hols. Might go for that look myself soon.

That would be a reference to Phil Neville, captain of Everton in the Premier League. Believe it or not this hair stuff is huge business in the U.K. Fellow players are talking about it. The tabloids are going crazy over every Rooney tweet. Even the Daily Mail has turned this into a comic.

Did we mention that hair loss treatment is all the rage in U.K. futbol circles. Now comes the news that sex fiend Ryan Giggs spent 30k pounds on baldness treatments.

According to our calculators that’s just under $50,000. Not us. We’ll gladly lose the grass and buy an Audi s5 to help ease our emotions.

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