NBA Finals Game 5 Pump & Hump Ref Guy Now Has Music Video [Video]

We promised to watch all four quarters of last night’s Game 5. Yeah, didn’t happen. Totally passed out on the couch near the end of the 3rd after two beers. It’s been a busy week and there was a strict promise to the body that the alcohol drip will resume in earnest over the weekend. Last thing we remembered was ABC going to commercial and that was it. Woke up at 2:30 a.m. with some stupid infomercial blaring. Went straight to bed and didn’t even see that the Mavs won until 7 this morning. Took a look at the inbox and what do you know, someone sent us an email of this ref going pump & hump on a blocking foul.

Posted: Just after the vlogger figured out the perfect music to use

Premise of Video: Have absolutely no idea what part of the game this comes from, but it looks like LeBron was flopping. Could be the 1st or 4th, but we do know it’s from last night.

Climax of Video: :40 when the beat really starts to pick up steam. Get some! Get it!

Conclusion: You know he practices that in the mirror before the game. Has to.

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Video: Torii Hunter Jumps Wall & Destroys Yankees Fan
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