Married Dutch Futbolers Drunken Debauchery In Brazil [Photos]

You know why our new favorite national team in any sport is the Dutch national soccer team? According to Dutch media reports, mixed with translated Brazilian reports, we can report that the team tied Uruguay 1-1 last weekend, jumped on a plane to Rio  and went straight to the bar. Look, who are we to judge the married guys grinding, running their hands over Brazilian skirt chasers? We’re just here for the photos and the awesome details.  What did one wife say about her husband’s drunkeness?

According to Radio Netherlands:

Photographs published in Brazilian media show the team – including Dirk Kuyt, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, John Heitinga and Gregory van der Wiel, having a good time with a number of Brazilian women.

Defender John Heitinga said it looked worse than it actually was and nobody really did anything wrong. However, he added that he felt really bad about the situation because of their function as role models. Heitinga said he had already spoken to his pregnant wife, who, according to him, was very understanding.

What a wife! Did we ever mention how we’d marry a Dutch woman tomorrow? How cool is it for a woman, stuck at home while her husband is out pounding brews and running his hands over some chick’s hip, to be understanding.

So let’s be the first to congratulate Heitinga (that’s him in our lead image) for smoothing over the initial firestorm. However, we’ve yet to get word on how Dirk Kuyt’s (blonde hair getting to know the locals) wife reacted. She has little ones at home.

The lesson this Friday afternoon is that the Dutch seem to have the road beef game down to a science. To be honest, American sports teams have gotten extremely boring, hence our visit to the Dutch party scene. Back in the day it was all good for the Red Sox to destroy a bar. Now we can’t even get a single Twitpic.

Step it up, America. The Dutch are stealing your thunder.

[Dutch team caught on camera in Rio disco]

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