Blonde Sox Fan Camera Fail [Video]

First of all, let’s thank our friend World of Isaac from Guyism for alerting us to this video from Wednesday’s White Sox-Mariners game. Yet another pervy cameraman randomly plucked this shot out of a ballpark. Not that we are complaining. Now, let’s get down to business here. Watch as the blonde on the left tries to get herself a Facebook photo. Like, that’s not how it’s supposed to work, dummy. Free American Apparel Busted Coverage logo t-shirt to first person to name either of these chicks. Email us.

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Posted: Today

Premise of Video: We’ll guess the chick on the right is Heather and on the left we have Kelly. Just a hunch. It’s girl’s night out at the park. The tight tanks were busted out of the dresser drawer. Pink girly caps – check. But, as anyone with a 21st Century pulse knows, you must have a photographic momento to share with all 339 friends on Facebook. Time to snap a shot! Ha! LOL! SMH!

Climax of Video: Besides the video opening up with those two on our screens? Of course it’s when she realized the camera was shooting in the wrong direction.

Conclusion: Not Northwestern graduates. More like Northern Illinois or Purdue.

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